With a team of senior technical experts in the field of plastic industry at domestic and abroad, we are constantly improving technology, updating the most modern production techniques, giving customer great satisfaction.


We always keep up with the trend market, the plastic product line are favored by consumer, giving production and technology plans, Xinhe Mesin Indonesia Company bring profits to manufacturers


Customer coming to Xinhe Mesin Indonesia Company are always served from the instalation, running, test run to products, transferring production technology helping enterprises to save energy, creating quality products, high quantity and added value, low cost competitive in domestic and foreign markets.


We provide a comprhensive service of technology consulting, technical spesification, non-intermediary quotes, production technology transfer, equipment installation, manuals, method guidance over coming common problems and live-long maintenance of equipment, always available with replacement parts for customer service.

Find out about us???

PT.Xinhe Mesin Indonesia is the representative of Zhang Jia Gang Xinhe Machinery Co.Ltd plastic factory in Indonesia. After many years of operation in the field of plastic industry based on global market platform, we have chalk duel won the satisfaction of customers both home and abroad, gaining good reputation for product and service quality.

Our Featured Product

Product Features:

  1. This unit is mainly for production of U-PVC, C-PVC, PVC large diameter pipes.
  2. Optional to adopt conical twin screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder.
  3. Supply formula guide and staple raw material purchase
  4. Follow standard diameter scope as below sheet, flexible to user’s reasonable requirement.

Technical spesification

Product Features:

  • It has referred to the latest foreign technology and has optimized the design. It has such advantages as even plastication, small shearing speed, high output, long life span, etc.
  • This machine consists of cone double screw extruder,vacum setting table, drawing machine, cutting machine, film sticking machine, material tumbling frame, etc.
  • The main motor has applied imported inverter, temperature control apparatus are products of RKC Japan.
  • Auxiliary vacum pump and drawing motor are all excellent quality products. It is simple to maintain.
  • It may also directly extrude wood different shaped material, the effect is better than of single screw extruder.

Technical spesification

Why Choosing us??

  • Manufacturer Experienced Many years in the field of Plastic Engineering
  • Direct production and non-mediated sales
  • Technical Team- Leading Expert in Plastic Engineering
  • Fast after sales-Effective